That’s A Wrap 2017; That’s All Folks; Finito; Finished; Done and Dusted!! 

However you want to say it, this Guano Crazy year has come to an end. Sat here with an alcoholic beverage in hand. Celebrating the end of another busy and fruitful year, I already have my head spinning on what next year will hold. In doing so I cast a look back at the year gone by, at the ups and downs we have encountered. All the experience we have gained, and just how much we have grown. Just like every small business these ups and downs are a requirement of running a business big or small. Although I will say, we have enjoyed every single second of what has come our way, every challenge and curve ball thrown at us has been smashed out of the park!

As a company GC Printing has grown in not only size and production capabilities but in knowledge and skill. With each challenge we have had to learn something new, put our heads down and focus. Get out that traditional elbow grease and experience what it is to teach yourself, what it is to add another bow to the string and become that much more diverse in the area of ‘Garment Decoration’.

We have had a blast in 2017, but this year wouldn’t have been what it was without you guys out there. Putting business our way and trusting us to bring your ideas to life in the form of Screen Printing and Embroidery! So ‘Thank You’ to not only to the Local and National friends that we have made along the way but also to our International Friends! All you guys come back time and time again which makes everything we do worth it, whether it be repeat work, or the “We want something cool!” work.

Here at Guano Crazy Printing we like to see the positive reception of what we do, no matter whether you guys are big or small we want to make every job have that impact. Moving into 2018 we want to make sure that we continue this vibe and create a bigger splash and buzz around what we can do. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Seriously though THANK YOU to everyone that has helped Guano Crazy become what it is!! To everyone that has supported us, had patience with us and has also helped get those jobs out the door. The love and support we receive is amazing and overwhelming it makes us smile ear to ear and gives us the drive to strive forward!!

Regarding next year, we will be hitting the ground running with some changes here and there. Some of which include actually formulating a newsletter, getting an online shop going and keeping this blog going with updates. We also want to help you guys get a look into more of what we do and how we do it. Learning new techniques is amazing for us but we want to share that experience more with you and let you see the process from start to finish!!

So as a final sign off to 2017. . .




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