Small Print Runs, Full Colour Prints and One Offs

Aside from Screen Printing and Embroidery we offer other garment decoration options. These particular print methods are perfect for small quantity print runs or a even that one off print and we thought we would give you the low down on what these methods are. Vinyl CADCUT, Sublimation or Print and Cut are the three print solutions that we will suggest which are listed below along with the results and pros and cons of each. So when you come and ask for that one off garment or even a small run of garments whether that be for a small company, a stag/hen do or even to take the p*** out of a work colleague, these will be the 3 options presented to you.



Vinyl Print

DESCRIPTION: Vinyl CADCUT is a thin all purpose transfer film that is cut out using a vinyl plotter.  In most cases it has a soft feel matt finish, but depending on garment application a specialist vinyl may need to be used ( i.e Stretch Vinyl or Dye Blocking Vinyl ) This is the all round go to print technique when looking for a single colour across a small run of garments. If artwork is simple then multi colour prints can be done.

GARMENT USE: YES Cotton, Polycotton, Polyester, Uncoated Nylon NO Fleece

PROS: Can be applied to pretty much any garment. Is a long lasting transfer with a clean, crisp, flat finish.

CONS: Only comes in preset colour ways (i.e Red, White, Black )

CARE GUIDE:  Wash temp: 60ºC inside out for Poly and Poly Cotton (40ºC inside out for nylon and cotton) Can be tumble dried but do not iron



Sublimation Print

DESCRIPTION: Sublimation print is the process of heating and transferring a specialist ink to a porous medium, essentially dyeing the receptacle. It can be used on a multitude of items like Mugs, Mouse mat’s, Coasters etc etc. More specifically in can be used on garments that contain a high content of polyester ( it will not work on cotton tees ) due to the process white clothing will yield the best result. There are specialist coloured garments that will also sublimate but will yield a muted effect as the dying process will include the initial colour ( see here LINK )

GARMENT USE: YES Polyester NO Fleece, Cotton, Polycotton, Uncoated Nylon

PROS: Can be full colour print. Is printed into the garment so has a soft hand feel ( the print doesn’t feel like its there )

CONS: Can only be used on garments that are high in polyester count. Can not print white ink. Best results are only yielded on white garments.

CARE GUIDE: Can be washed at any temperature setting without affecting quality. But we recommend washing with like colors, as the polyester fabric may make colors run. High temperatures during washing and drying may shrink the fabric.



Print and Cut

DESCRIPTION: Print and Cut is another version of Vinyl CADCUT however this is a printable version of the Transfer Film. Where a full colour logo is able to be achieved with vibrancy and a matt finish. This allows smaller runs of full colour logos with out having to think about reducing the amount of colours in a logo or considering other alternatives.

GARMENT USE: YES Cotton, Polycotton, Polyester, Uncoated Nylon NO Fleece

PROS: Can be full colour print. Thin ( 75 Microns ) and Lightweight. No setup for full colour print.

CONS: Not a soft hand feel.

CARE GUIDE:  Wash temp: 60ºC inside out (40ºC inside out for nylon) Can be tumble dried but do not iron

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