GC Printing is a screen printing studio based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire but we deliver to clients all over the UK, Europe and the World. We specialise in Garment printing but also offer other services like vinyl printing, embroidery, sublimation and many others.

We pride ourselves on producing retail quality, affordable apparel, with a fast turnaround. Take a look at our gallery page to see a variety of jobs we have done in the past and don’t forget to keep up with the bat on all our social media for latest news, offers and going on’s in the mad world of Guano Crazy Printing.

Meet the Bat

Boss Man

He’s big, he’s crazy, he’s purple and he’s a bat. We’re not quite sure what kind of bat he is or even if he’s a real bat. But he just rocked up one day at GC Printing and now by law (bats are a protected species) we can’t get rid of him. It all turned out well though because we quickly found out that he’s a damn good printer and a very talented designer with a penchant for the odd and quirky. He also likes Whiskey, single malt preferably and strong ale!

He runs his team of minions who help him undertake the day to day shenanigans in the cave. We know very little about them as they are a secretive almost reclusive bunch but we’ll try and shed some more light on them as time goes on.

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