screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-15-19-16American Apparel no longer available in the UK.

Ok so that’s not quite true, yet!

However, as we enter 2017 it is already proving difficult to order in certain colours of t-shirts and clothing for printing.

Over the years we’ve had a lot of interest in the printing industry to use high-quality products as a base garment. For a long time one of those suppliers was American Apparel, but with this high quality came with a high price point!!

This year has seen American Apparel become more and more difficult to obtain. A lot of other brands offering similar products if not better for a fraction of the cost – Bella & Canvas, Anvil and Stedman are just a few we’ve printed on.

American Apparel t-shirts and clothing have become more and more difficult to obtain this year. We’ve sourced a lot of other brands offering the same type of product (if not better) for a fraction of the cost. Bella & Canvas, Anvil and Stedman are all brands we’ve screen-printed with and they look and feel great once branded.


Going into Administration.

With American Apparel going into Administration again there are going to be more issues. The European stock is taking the immediate impact of this administration, not only are their storefronts closing but also their distribution hubs in Germany meaning it will be ever more difficult to obtain these products. So we will always aim to move away from being reliant on American Apparel more and more. Certainly, until they are in a more stable position and us here in the UK are able to obtain their products easily

With all the alternatives we have available, I can see the need for using a product with a price point so high slowly disappearing and giving way to all the other manufacturers that can offer so much more currently!!

Why not ask us what alternative brand options there are and see what we can do for you here at GC Printing!!


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